Commercial and Office Professional Cleaning

A Porter is a person whose job is to be in charge of the entrance of a building, you could say “the first impression”, at Porters our name is synonymous with our mission.

At Porters we take responsibility for the presentation of your space. So you are represented in the safest, cleanest, most inviting and pleasant environment for you, your customers, clients, patients and employees.

What We’ll Do Today

Contact us and we will be happy to make a booking for you. Whether it be an onsite quote for smaller jobs or a review of your current arrangements and a formal proposal tailored to your specific wants and needs.

With no cost to you, book a time with our consultant today.

Office cleaning by Porters Fine Cleaning in the Bendigo area


Leading Professional Commercial Cleaning for SME

We are leaders in the small to medium enterprise space for workplace cleaning. Our dedicated Bendigo based team clean commercial and industrial office work spaces day and night. We are GST Registered, insured for public liability, our staff are covered by WorkSafe and we ensure they receive Award rates, Superannuation and are Portable Long Service Leave Authority registered.

We clean according to your requirements.

How often, when and what type of clean for you?

Some of our clients require once monthly, others fortnightly or weekly and some bi-weekly or nightly cleaning. Some have very specific area cleans like phones, keyboards and mice disinfected and cleaned only, compared to others requiring top to bottom cleaning of everything including disinfection of every switch, desktop and door handle. We have a COVID Safe Plan and workplace health and safety policies with ongoing training in place.

Save Money And Increase Profitability

Untrained and ineffective cleaning by in house staff may be unsafe and a less cost effective in the long run. Pay your staff to do what they do best and our cleaners will ensure professional and safe cleaning of your environment. Our trained staff are thorough and time efficient with maximum results for your dollar. Regular thorough disinfectant based daily cleans are one of the key ways to reduce the possibility of workplace transmission of sickness and minimise sick days. An especially important responsibility for employers is to keep everyone in contact with your work space as safe as possible in this pandemic affected time.

Fully Outsourced

We can provide a fully outsourced service, supplying all equipment, cleaning supplies and consumables to ensure you will not need to think about cleaning supplies or the ordering of stock, upkeep of stock for toilet paper, hand towel, wipes, deodorisers and any other disposable or reusable product.