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Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you require a maintenance clean or restoration of your couches and chairs, we have the skills and training. Your fabric has its own specific cleaning requirements and we know how to check and test for what it needs most and what should be avoided.


Lounge Chairs

Sitting in front of the TV is one of the most common ways to relax. Oils, hair and dusts will collect on the material naturally through use, then there is the additional, liquids and foods dropped on to your seat that need removing. Maintenance is essential to ensure there is no permanent damage to your materials. If there is serious spot removal required, it will be easier to remove from a clean item, and much much easier to remove from one which has had fabric protection applied. Stain protection wears off high traffic areas, we’ll be happy to re-apply fabric protection before any serious stains occur.

Dining Chairs

Food and Fabric! Not the best combination, but you can manage it with our help, we’ll remove those oily food stains and build up of spillage so you can look at your dining chairs without cringing!


We hate to break the news to you. That dust build up on your mattress over time is actually mostly a build up of bacteria, mould spores and dust mite waste! Terrible for allergies and not too healthy in general! At least once a year have your mattresses deep cleaned for health and long mattress life.

Retail Chairs, Commercial Chairs, Conference Chairs, Restaurant Chairs and Office Chairs

Don’t let your precious investment be ruined before its time! Present a clean image to your clients and staff. Fabric protection and regular maintenance are probably the most important requirements to protecting your asset!

Carpet Cleaning

Professional and recommended. We are the premium service provider for Bendigo. We care for your carpets in ways above and beyond what most could dream of!

Window Cleaning

Highly trained, careful, fast and effective, don’t pay slow hourly rates, we’ll quote a fixed price, do the best job and be out of your way quicker than the rest.

Dry Cleaning

Often the most essential pre-cleaning requirement, especially for heavy soiled materials. We can dry clean prior to wet cleaning, or for those fragile upholstery materials, a specialised dry clean may be the best option.

Outdoor Furniture

Yes, they can be cleaned effectively! That mould, spillage and buildup needs special attention before the visitors arrive!

Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstery, Particularly lounge and dining chairs and Mattresses are subject to a huge amount of use and need to be maintained to keep from wear and tear and what the dust mites leave behind! We can dry clean or wet clean, colourfastness test and treat spots and stains. We are certified IICRC Upholstery Cleaning Technicians at your service.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Toothbrush no more! Save your knees and your sanity and have your tiled floors professionally cleaned with our special tile and grout cleaning system, designed to strip away dirt and grime and then detergent wash at high speed. The results are amazing!

Rug Cleaning

Entrust your rug to us, be it a daily use in the main area or a special rug which needs tender care, we can clean it. This can be done on premise or removed and returned beautifully cleaned and ready for use.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

Our Fabric Protection solutions will provide excellent stain resistance to the things you need preserved. Often once protected a simple damp wipe will remove those little spots that come from day to day use, accidents, kids and pets.

High Windows

If you have hard to access windows – multi level buildings with high external or internal cleaning requirements we are the team you need. We drive cherry pickers, scissor lifts and booms or if possible can use extension poles to clean from the ground up to 10 metres high!

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