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How Do I Find the Best Window Cleaner?

Jul 29, 2021

I have met and worked with many window cleaners over the years, I have watched the local cut price guys and the professionals. One thing is for certain, there’s a big difference!

A professional will quote a job and plan to do the best job possible in the fastest amount of time. This will be due to the time they’ve spent developing the best technique and investing in good equipment and maintaining it well.

Beware the pay by the hour guys! They are generally slow and untrained and have taught themselves the good old fashioned slow way! The results are in the attention to details.

How to Tell If a Window Cleaner is Good

Professional Technique

When watching a good window cleaner there will be some fairly obvious differences to look for.

Standard Windows

Firstly watch how they clean with the squeegee, do they work in an ‘S’ type pattern down the window from top edge to bottom edge without lifting the squeegee of the window? An inexperienced or disinterested, unprofessional window cleaner will tend to go from one side to the other in a straight line. Repeating that over and over down the window till its done, lifting the squeegee again and again, a very inefficient method.

High Windows

When doing high window and using a pole its a different story. Methods vary but one thing is certain, the window can be squeegeed from top to bottom or side to side, but will never be finished in the center or anywhere else but a side or bottom edge.

The other common method for external windows is using a water fed pole. This indicates a little more interest in window cleaning by the operator but doesn’t ensure a good job! Getting a good job with a water fed system takes time and practice. And the best results are often dependent on how often a window is cleaned, the more build up over time on a window, the harder it is to clean well, especially when the window being done is 2 or more floors up so it can’t be seen from close up except from the inside!

Quick & High Quality Window Cleaning

They will be in and out of your way quickly and their job will be at the highest quality, with better equipment, They will be insured for accidental damage, If they run a larger business their price will include GST. They will pay their staff Superannuation and pay Worksafe Insurance and Portable long service leave as required under the cleaning award.

Unfortunately there is a bad and dishonest practice amongst many small operators to put staff on as contractors, then pay them a minimum so they don’t have to pay staff super and the contractor has to sort out their own super and taxes, which they NEVER get paid enough to cover. This is different to occasionally getting help from a contractor on the odd job where a contractor charges a proper rate because they run their own business properly.


Things to Look for in a Good Window Cleaner

Ultimately the best way to gauge whether your window cleaner is good and reputable is by reviews and secondly by meeting them in person when they come to do a quote, Third by watching them work, and of course finally and most importantly by the results!